The Art behind Art-Integrated Learning

What might musical notes teach students about mathematical fractions? Could Handloom saris help students better understand the Indian Independence Movement? Art Integrated Learning (AIL) is an approach to teaching-learning based on combining curricular areas with various art forms - be it fine arts, performing arts, or even culinary arts! This integration not only makes the learning process joyful for the students but also promotes a deeper understanding of academic concepts. This workshop will focus on an understanding of AIL, and how teachers can map different art forms and practices to subject-specific concepts & classroom activities, developing an interdisciplinary classroom approach. The workshop will be aligned with the Art-integrated curriculum suggested by the CBSE/ NCERT, but will have useful ideas for all educators who would like to learn how art can help add more richness to their teaching!

Session Duration: 2 hours

Certification: All Highr Workshops are certified, and participants will receive certificates of completion upon successfully submitting the workshop showcase activity.

This session is designed as a part of the 'Delivering Instruction' domains under Highr's Big Four of Quality Teaching. To learn more about the Big 4, click here.

The Participant will be able to:

    1. Understand the purpose and practice of Art-Integrated Learning
    2. Explore different art forms as a medium of conceptual, interdisciplinary learning
    3. Design Art-Integrated activities & lesson plans for subject-specific learning experiences

Showcase Activity:

Each workshop at Highr involves a classroom showcase activity that the participants create to use in their own classrooms or for their own teaching practice. Here’s what you’ll create in this workshop:

Participants will prepare a sketch note on Art-integration in the classroom. They will also design an art-integrated activity for a subject/concept/grade of their choosing. The activity should focus on using any visual/performing art as a medium to introduce/ explain a chosen concept. They may also attempt to bring about an interdisciplinary approach to the activity and suggest extensions from other subjects.

This workshop would benefit all Primary & Middle School Educators, and enthusiasts of all things artistic. You do not need to be an Art teacher to attend this workshop.

Tatiana Kadzharova
Divya Kapoor
Headmistress, Pragyan School, Greater Noida