Jigsaw & Google Tools for Student Collaboration Projects

What a year this has been! And as we wind it down, let's do it on a collaborative note. This session will introduce you to a fun sample end-of-year collaborative online project - The Year 2021. You will learn about proven collaborative strategies to use with this project - the Jigsaw Technique, and to assign & design a Virtual Gallery Walk using Google Tools. Students can continue to add to it even during their holidays to stay connected with one another, and their learning. 

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  • Design & Execute collaborative Online Projects
  • Learn how to use the Jigsaw Technique online
  • Have students collaboratively set up a Virtual Gallery Walk

Primary & Secondary Educators, Google Enthusiasts & Tech Coordinators

Tatiana Kadzharova
Pallavi Dhody Dwivedi
Founder, Highr

Having worked in the Education Sector for over a decade, Pallavi founded Highr to support educators and help them improve on their classroom teaching practices. In her time working with the UNDP and the Indian government on education policy, and then training teachers in schools across India, Pallavi came to believe that effective and committed teachers have perhaps the greatest impact on learning outcomes and overall development of children, compared to any other educational intervention.Pallavi is also a fellow of Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, and an experienced secondary school educator herself, having taught English Literature & Global Politics for several years.