Coping with Anxiety in the Classroom

Schools are being inundated with cases of anxiety in young adults. Fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic has only served to exacerbate student anxiety and expand the impact it has on schools. The dramatic increase in attention being paid to the illness has been beneficial to those suffering, however, the difficulty lies in understanding the illness and how best to support students in their efforts to overcome it. Although many students have logistical circumstances keeping them from being successful, many of them are school avoidant because of anxiety that is, quite frankly, debilitating. Understanding anxiety is a work in progress for educators, parents, doctors, therapists, students, sufferers, and non-sufferers. In this session participants will look at the primitive needs for anxiety, i.e., why we are programmed to experience angst, what it is and why it’s exacerbated in young adults, how to talk to students suffering and support parents desperate for answers, as well as how we can be sensitive to the exceptional needs of anxious students during remote learning and school transitions. Come learn from a sitting high school administrator who has not only lived with mental illness but has also counseled many on the topic.

Session Duration: 3 x 2-hour sessions [6 hours]

Jan 16th : 6pm-8pm IST
Jan 20th: 6pm-8pm IST
Jan 23rd: 6pm-8pm IST

Certification: All Highr Workshops are certified, and participants will receive certificates of completion upon successfully submitting the workshop showcase activity.

This session is designed as a part of the 'Delivering Instruction' domain under Highr's Big Four of Quality Teaching. To learn more about the Big 4, click here.

The Participant will be able to:

  1. Learn practical strategies to use with students suffering from anxiety and support parents fighting for their child’s success
  2. Explore the primitive rationale for the existence of anxiety and the fight or flight response
  3. Examine what anxiety is, how it is exacerbated in young adults, and how it is different from general nervousness

Showcase Activity:

Each workshop at Highr involves a classroom showcase activity that the participants create to use in their own classrooms or for their own teaching practice. Here’s what you’ll create in this workshop:

Design a series of strategies to cope with anxiety to be implemented in their own classrooms/schools; detailing the explicit roll out/plan for implementation of one strategy in particular.

  • The project will be scaffolded for participants starting with the creation of a JamBoard gallery of strategies, followed by a list of strategies of interest, before the detailed implementation of one specific strategy of their choosing.
  • The final project will consist of a Google Slide presentation of the evolution of the strategy, why it will work for their classroom and students, as well as how it will be implemented. The project will be shared through Google.

This workshop is designed for all educators for Grades 6-12; homeroom teachers, school counselors, as well as school leaders. There is no prior knowledge or specialized training necessary.

Tatiana Kadzharova
Christine Ravesi-Weinstein
Educational Leader | Speaker | Author | Co-Founder, Running from Anxiety | @MASCD Board Member