Building Classroom Concepts with Stories

Stories can be an amazing way to introduce or build upon any concept, and help students understand the world around them even better. This workshop will focus on how we can use stories to bring a sense of adventure, exploration, and curiosity into your classrooms. Re-create discoveries, or bring numbers to life, or explore outer-space - all with the power of storytelling! During the workshop, we will also take a sneak peek into some tech tools that can be used for designing storytelling experiences.

Session Duration: 2 hours

Certification: All Highr Workshops are certified, and participants will receive certificates of completion upon successfully submitting the workshop showcase activity.

This session is designed as a part of the 'Delivering Instruction' domains under Highr's Big Four of Quality Teaching. To learn more about the Big 4, click here.

The Participant will be able to:

    1. Understand the approach of using stories to introduce any concept for any subject or grade
    2. Adopt tech tools to design learning activities using storytelling as a medium
    3. Plan lessons by incorporating stories for the introduction and exploration of new concepts.

Showcase Activity:

Each workshop at Highr involves a classroom showcase activity that the participants create to use in their own classrooms or for their own teaching practice. Here’s what you’ll create in this workshop:

Participants will prepare a lesson plan for any subject, grade, and topic as per their choice. The plan should focus on using stories as a medium to introduce/explain the chosen concept. They may use any of the tech tools that have been explored in the workshop or any others they are familiar with to create stories and use them for the lesson.

This workshop would benefit primary & middle school educators, librarians, and language teachers.

Tatiana Kadzharova
Divya Kapoor
Headmistress, Pragyan School, Greater Noida