Authentic Inquiry in your Classrooms

Students learn more while trying to find the answer to a question, than by learning the answer itself. And that’s precisely the kind of teaching this workshop seeks to inspire! Building on the inquiry-based learning model, it will develop in the participants the clarity of inquiry-based learning viz-a-viz activity-based learning and project-based learning. The participants will understand how to design learning experiences to promote authentic inquiry, guided by questioning, research, and reflection, and bust the myths of inquiry. There will be an added emphasis on promoting inquiry in virtual classrooms.

Session Duration: 2 hours

Certification: All Highr Workshops are certified, and participants will receive certificates of completion upon successfully submitting the workshop showcase activity.

This session is designed as a part of the 'Planning for Classroom Teaching' and 'Delivering Instruction' domains under Highr's Big Four of Quality Teaching. To learn more about the Big 4, click here.

The Participant will be able to:

  1. Justify the need for inquiry-based learning
  2. Identify the types of inquiry & related strategies
  3. Design inquiry-based learning experiences
  4. Create a Virtual Inquiry classroom

Showcase Activity:

Each workshop at Highr involves a classroom showcase activity that the participants create to use in their own classrooms or for their own teaching practice. Here’s what you’ll create in this workshop:

Design a Virtual Inquiry Classroom with authentic inquiry experiences

  • Identify a concept at your grade level
  • Select Inquiry cycle as a reference
  • Design appropriate inquiry learning experiences

You may showcase this activity creatively as a video, presentation, sketchnote, document, or through any other app of your choice.

Note: This is designed for online learning.

This workshop would benefit primary and middle school teachers, school leaders, academic coordinators, instructional, and curriculum designers.

Prior experience in teaching will help though not mandatory.

Tatiana Kadzharova
Sonia Singh
PYP Coordinator, Prometheus School, Noida | National Geographic Educator & Instructional Coach