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Planning for Classroom Teaching

Accomplished teachers base their teaching practices on sound knowledge of subject content and conceptual underpinnings, selecting appropriate content delivery strategies based on students’ learning needs, and aligning all this to specific grade-level learning outcomes. Planning for Classroom Teaching enables teachers to efficiently plan lessons and leverage technology to amplify student learning.

Delivering Instructions

Teachers are required to rethink traditional teaching and learning methods to adapt to the changing classroom and student needs. A teacher needs to be prepared to address challenging behaviour situations and be familiar with child safety protocols. Delivering Instruction encompasses understanding and addressing diverse student needs, inculcating 21st-century skills, designing inclusive activities and spaces, modeling positive behaviour, and designing relevant learning spaces and learning time to foster student learning.

Measuring Student Progress

Each student demonstrates learning and understanding in different ways which is why assessment modes should be as diverse as student needs.Assessment results need to be utilised by teachers as a yardstick and also enable students to do the same. Students need to be given feedback that is adjusted to their individual goals that helps them clearly chart their growth against a success criteria. Designing assessments, analyzing assessment results and giving feedback, together form the process of Measuring Student Progress.

Practicing Professionalism

Exceptional teachers continually reflect on and assess their teaching methods and delivery. They not only identify if and when they need help, they also seek out help and feedback from colleagues and superiors to improve their teaching. Practicing Professionalism includes identifying one’s own learning needs, plan for professional learning throughout one’s career, engage in discussions and reflect on teaching practices to understand one’s efficacy in the classroom.