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Parentsquare simplifies the communication between parents and teachers. Parents can also track attendance and stay up-to-date with the school events.

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How’s our student doing?: PTMs in times of a pandemic

First published on Medium: The pandemic and our new National Education Policy have changed the rules of the game for teachers, students, and finally, the parents! Let’s decide the agenda of our next PTM to bring some significant parents’ contribution in student learning! Teacher-her kids-her students-students’ parents-parents’ jobs: it’s all smudged together in the

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Remote Learning Practices: Planning for classrooms of the future

As we discuss whether or not schools will reopen any time soon, educators have to set themselves up for the task. Find tips on the where, how and what to plan for remote learning and future classrooms!


Grades K-4

Highr x FICCI ARISE: Building Parental Involvement (For Primary Educators)

The 8th session of the Highr x FICCI ARISE series is all about fostering parental involvement for primary educators.


Highr x FICCI ARISE: Building Parental Involvement

The 7th session of Highr x FICCI ARISE series focuses on building parental involvement as a tenet of practising professionalism.

Managing Student Engagement Online-cover

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Managing Student Engagement Online

Learn about the most effective student engagement practices because the best classroom management tool is an engaging lesson!

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Grades 5-8

Building Parental Involvement

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself. Building parental involvement is of utmost importance in remote teaching-learning. Learn more here.

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Parental Involvement: How Parents can be Your Greatest Ally in Digital Learning

Discover how teachers can cultivate effective parental involvement to greatly improve the digital learning process.