Portfolios are a purposeful collection of student work that showcase student effort, voice, progress and achievements. By creatively assessing portfolios, we can measure & track student progress, and make students skill-ready for the future.

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7 Smart, Fast Ways to Do Formative Assessment

Formative assessments are the need of the hour, and can give the teacher a good view into the progress of individuals, or the class as a whole. Here are some suggestions for conducting formative assessments.

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Student Portfolios: Let’s assess them creatively!

Why Portfolios? Because they check all your boxes to become an ace and inclusive educator! Find out more in this blog post.

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Effective feedback tactics: Back, up and forward!

The journey of teacher feedback began with little stars and smileys in our student notebooks. Its next pit stop was at the teachers’ remarks for each subject, level of understanding and classroom behaviour. We’ve come a long way in terms of feedback. Let’s learn how to do it best!


Grades K-4

Designing Online Assessments (For Primary Educators)

The 6th session of Highr x FICCI ARISE series is all about designing online assessments, with special focus on primary educators.

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Designing Online Assessments

Being a teacher is more about asking the right questions than giving the right answers. Find best practices for designing online assessments !

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Formative Assessments: To Test or Not To Test?

How can educators use Formative Assessments to ensure an effective learning environment in online classes? Read on to know more!