Become a Highr Coach

Become a Highr Coach

At Highr, you can teach what you love! Bring your classroom expertise and design short bite-sized workshops, or longer, immersive sessions. Connect with our educator community & earn money working flexible hours from home.

How it Works

Step 1

Learn about designing your own workshop & how to apply to be a coach by attending a free orientation session.

Step 2

Pick a workshop topic and draft your workshop proposal as per Highr’s Guidelines.

Step 3

Upload your workshop proposal and video, and submit the application.

Want to host a webinar instead?

Meet Highr Coaches

Our coaches are classroom rock stars bringing their best practices to the wider educator community


Anyone with a passion to teach and expertise to share is welcome to join us as a Coach as long as they have a minimum of 4-5 years of classroom teaching experience.

We recommend the applicants align their workshop premise with one of the four areas under Highr’s Big Four of Quality Teaching.

Coaches earn income from the workshops they deliver. As participants pay via a subscription model, coaches are paid per participant, up to a 100 participants per session*.

  • For every new workshop, coaches make $2.50 per participant.
  • For every subsequently repeated batch of the same workshop, coaches make $1.50 per participant

*For immersive workshops, the same 100 participants are enrolled, and the coach is paid per participant per session.

Applicants should have a laptop with a stable internet connection, and a Basic Zoom (free) account. Since Highr will be hosting and managing all the online sessions, a Zoom Pro (paid) account is not required.
All our sessions are conducted in English, so we expect excellent communication skills from the applicants.

There is no residency requirement. We invite Coaches from all around the world to help us grow as educators on Highr.

However, in the event you do not reside or pay taxes in India, we would require a ‘Tax Residency Certificate’ (US Form 6166 or equivalent) from the country you do pay your taxes in. In the event you do not have one, our team will support you in procuring the same, and we will also cover those costs (up to $85).

If you intend to design a workshop for teachers of foreign languages, you should have at least C1 (or equivalent) level of proficiency in the said language.

Yes, Highr provides feedback to all workshop proposals.

Highr provides all the technical back-end support for hosting and scheduling sessions, participant management and assignment tracking, so that the Coaches can focus on teaching. Our in-house experts advise the Coaches on workshop topics & content, workshop design & pricing.

To know more, register for our free online orientation session.